Feel Good Fridays

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Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

Good morning.

Today I’d like to share some news that has developed over the past week or so.

Do you remember the missing hiker I posted about a month ago, Derek Barge?

Well, a body was discovered in the desert by a group of hikers on August 29th. It took law enforcement a few days to retrieve it due to extreme weather conditions, and the medical office nearly a week to identify. But his family received confirmation that it was, indeed, Derek.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. People whom my husband and I have spoken with multiple times over the past month, people we have walked the desert with in search of any clues, and daresay people I have grown close to.

I am grateful for having met Derek. And I am thankful to all those who searched for him, for the Sheriff’s office’s investigation, and the hikers who discovered him. Do I have questions? Oh so many. And I will never have answers to them. And that is okay.

The greatest outcome of all of this is that there is closure of a sort. And hopefully his friends and family can find peace.

I share this with you today to remind you to, please, reach out to your friends and family. Take a moment to tell them how much they mean to you. You never, ever know when they may suddenly be gone.

The San Diego Union Tribune published a beautiful article about Derek’s life, his interests, hobbies, and brilliant career.

Rest in peace, sweet boy.

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