Share Your Story: Leidy

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Leidy lives in Germany and was 35 years old when she was told she had Endometriosis. Now 42, she would like to share her story with everyone cares to read it. A battle which literally spans the globe in search of answers, a series of numerous misdiagnoses, and Leidy is one hell of a Warrior.

Leidy’s Journey:   I am now 42 years old but since my first period, I have had problems. 

My main problem is in my bowels. Which misled my specialists to find the correct diagnosis. The only issue I had, related to my period, was irregular bleeding. 

Each month I bled during my ovulation. My period lasts sometimes more than a week. And I bled during sexual intercourse. The pain during the period was not severe and Ibuprofen usually was enough to alleviate the pain.

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Endometriosis & Leg Pain/Sciatica

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I have heard from several EndoWarriors that they suffer from leg pain; whether it be their hips, upper thighs, or radiating pain down their leg(s).  Today we delve a bit deeper into leg pain complaints and Endo.  Have upper leg pain? Lower back pain? Tailbone pain?  So do a lot of people…but so do a LOT of women with Endometriosis.  A 2011 study surveyed 94 people with Endometriosis.  Of them, 51% complained of leg pain.  Cysts may also be contributing to leg and lower back pain. And although you may have some of these symptoms and think you have sciatic Endometriosis…please be aware that it is considered incredibly rare. And it may just be that your symptoms are a result of pelvic floor muscles being too tight (pelvic floor therapy may help) OR that adhesions and/or Endometriosis has pulled your anatomy out of whack. But, please, do read on:

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Share Your Story : Lindsay

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Lindsay was 16 years old when she was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  Now 21, she lives in Connecticut.  She is a volunteer Firefighter (thank you!!!) while still enduring several chronic illnesses: Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Bursitis, and Anxiety.  She doesn’t let it stop her from living!

Lindsay’s Journey: Since I’ve had my period I have suffered with horrible pain and bleeding that was far from normal. My pain wasn’t just in my lower abdomen, but also really bad pain in my lower back. I tried multiple birth controls to help control my pain, but nothing seemed to help. In fact, I had horrible adverse effects. I had suicidal thoughts and it made me anxious beyond belief. Part of the issue is due to the fact that I had my thyroid removed and my hormone replacement kind of mixed with the hormones in the birth control.

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