Afghanistan and Health Care for Women

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*Note: this entry started out as a piece highlighting Endometriosis care and support in Afghanistan.  It has since morphed into health care, in general, for women in Afghanistan.  And my heart breaks.  This is not a political piece about religion, tradition, the war, or it’s casualties.  I’ve known my fair share of military men and women who were shipped off to Afghanistan; some who didn’t make it back alive…but I won’t let their experiences or deaths color my opinion of this entry.*

I have a few readers from Afghanistan, and today want to focus on the treatment and support available to Afghan women in their home country (hopefully focusing on Endometriosis facts and stats).  As you likely know, the country of Afghanistan is a war-torn one, scarred by decades of combat.

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Recap : Nigeria’s 2016 Endo Awareness

People walking in Nigeria's 2015 Endo Walk

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, located in West Africa.  I contacted the organizers of the 2016 Awareness Walk for Abuja to get some information about how their walk went.  Chukwudi Eze responded to my inquiry went above and beyond! Not only did he provide me info on their walk, but supplied a recap and photographs of several other Endo events The Endometriosis Support Group Nigeria (ESGN) hosted over the past few months.  The ESGN was founded in 2005 by Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, who was also recently awarded the Endo Hero of the Year Award by the EndoMarch Worldwide in recognition of his contribution to the cause.  Dr. Ajayi has been the financial and moral backbone for the ESGN and I’m very glad that he’s been recognized for his efforts.

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Guam : Endometriosis Care & Support

Satellite image of Guam that reads Greetings from Guam

Hafa Adai!

I’ve been wanting to look into territories and countries around the world to see how they are dealing with Endometriosis.   Not only does it give me a chance to learn about other areas in our world, but it is a very fun research tool for me (I love to look things up, to reach out to facilities, physicians, and people)…This blog lets me know where my viewers are located, so it’s fun when I see views from places I either have NEVER heard of, or places that I don’t know much about…

As of today (1/4/21), our blog has received 230 views from people in Guam.  That to me shows that someone in Guam is searching for answers about Endometriosis; which made me wonder what sort of medical care and support there is in Guam for someone suffering from Endometriosis.  So…I’ll start this geographical project off with GUAM!

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Team Zimbabwe’s Endometriosis Awareness Talk

Four women dressed in yellow standing next to each other

On February 27, 2016, Team Zimbabwe EndoMarch hosted an Endometriosis Awareness Talk; the very first of it’s kind in Zimbabwe.  Who makes up Team Zimbabwe? Nearly 50 men and women dedicated to raising awareness of this illness in their little corner of the world.  Nadia and Time, two women, with the help of their friends and their family put together this Awareness Talk.  See? I told you : together we can do great things! GREAT THINGS!

You may remember Nadia and Tine from when they both previously shared their stories.  

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