Team Zimbabwe’s Endometriosis Awareness Talk

Four women dressed in yellow standing next to each other

On February 27, 2016, Team Zimbabwe EndoMarch hosted an Endometriosis Awareness Talk; the very first of it’s kind in Zimbabwe.  Who makes up Team Zimbabwe? Nearly 50 men and women dedicated to raising awareness of this illness in their little corner of the world.  Nadia and Time, two women, with the help of their friends and their family put together this Awareness Talk.  See? I told you : together we can do great things! GREAT THINGS!

You may remember Nadia and Tine from when they both previously shared their stories.  


The event was held at Kidz College, a small kindercare facility in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Nadia used to work there and is good friends with the owner, Mrs. Nasreen Suleman, who kindly allowed them to use their facilities for the event.  They had full use of a classroom, including the chalkboard and a TV.  There were approximately 50 attendees and three guest speakers : Professor S. Munjanja, Dr. D. Djordjevic, and Dr. T. Magure.  Each one of the guests of honor is an OB/GYN.


Tatenda, one of the EndoSisters in Team Zimbabwe’s support group, opened up with the welcoming speech, and Tine shared a beautiful and moving piece with the group that she had written about Endometriosis.  She and Nadia also shared their Endo Stories with everyone involved.   Many women were still not comfortable sharing their experiences with the group, but one brave young woman named Sarah stepped up and has now joined their Support Group.

Professor Munjanaja, Dr. Djordjevic, and Dr. Magure shared an introduction to Endometriosis (for any who weren’t aware of what it was), the different stages of the disease, the severity of the symptoms, and the differences between normal period pain and the pain produced by Endometriosis.  Dr. Djordjevic showed a video of what Endometriosis looks like and how a laparoscopic surgery is performed.  It was an incredibly informative event, open to a Q&A between the speakers and guests.  The two-hour event lasted an additional hour because of the many questions asked and answered.  Knowledge and understanding are powerful tools.

Ms. Shaida Kara and Mrs. Razia Latif of the Gift of Givers Zimbabwe donated juices, eclairs, and muffins for the attendees to enjoy during the event.  They also donated two beautiful cakes for an auction.  Dr. Djordjevic and Professor Munjanaja were the highest bidders!  The funds raised from the cake sales will go toward Team Zimbabwe’s continued efforts to raise awareness of Endometriosis.


Team Zimbabwe is also raising funds by selling yellow awareness ribbons.  If you would like to purchase one, please feel free to contact Nadia or Tine.  And if you live in Zimbabwe and would like to join the Team or their March 19, 2016 EndoMarch, please check them out on Facebook.

The attendees now have a greater understanding about the disease, the symptoms, and the treatments available.  And Zimbabwe is growing together as a community through this disease and the efforts of women like Tine and Nadia.  Continue the great work, Team Zimbabwe!  I appreciate all that you do, even from my tiny corner of the world over here.  Thank you for everything!!!  Looking forward to following your future endeavors!

All photographs used with permission from Team Zimbabwe

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  1. My goodness, girl! This is awesome!! How long had theirs been in the works?

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    > Bloomin’ Uterus posted: ” On February 27, 2016, Team Zimbabwe EndoMarch > hosted an Endometriosis Awareness Talk; the very first of it’s kind in > Zimbabwe. Who makes up Team Zimbabwe? Nearly 50 men and women dedicated to > raising awareness of this illness in their little corner of ” >

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