Team Zimbabwe’s Endometriosis Awareness Talk

Four women dressed in yellow standing next to each other

On February 27, 2016, Team Zimbabwe EndoMarch hosted an Endometriosis Awareness Talk; the very first of it’s kind in Zimbabwe.  Who makes up Team Zimbabwe? Nearly 50 men and women dedicated to raising awareness of this illness in their little corner of the world.  Nadia and Time, two women, with the help of their friends and their family put together this Awareness Talk.  See? I told you : together we can do great things! GREAT THINGS!

You may remember Nadia and Tine from when they both previously shared their stories.  

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Share your Story : Tine

African American woman smiling

Tine is the co-captain of Team Zimbabwe’s 2016 EndoMarch.  She and Nadia are seeking to raise awareness regarding Endometriosis, menstrual health, education the medical community, and letting women in their country know that they are not alone…and this pain is not normal.  Tine is also heavily involved in the NGO As I Am Foundation, a foundation that creates projects that are sustainable for the disadvantaged.  Nadia and Tine have shared their stories in the hope that it will encourage other African girls to be aware and not ashamed.  Tine’s story follows:

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Share your Story : Nadia

Nadia is the team leader for Team Zimbabwe.  They’re putting together the first ever EndoMarch in their country and are hoping it will be a great success.  They are also hosting a February 27, 2016, awareness campaign with guest speakers to try to not only raise awareness of our illness, but hold in-depth conversations about possible causes and future treatments.  Nadia and I have been talking for the past several days and she’s allowing me to share her story with you today.

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