Feel Good Fridays

cat sleeping curled up in a ball on a gray blanket
Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Good morning!

Wednesday afternoon I had a bit of oral surgery and had an implant placed within my gum line. I knew it’d be traumatic for me; I have a fear of dentists. But I have found one that I truly cherish, respect, and love, and feel she does the same of me. Still, even with all of that mutual respect and trust, I required nitrous for the procedure…

And yesterday? I took the day off to recover. Not only did I have a whopping laughing gas hangover, but my jaw hurt, my bone hurt, my face hurt. I took the day to rest, do nothing, sit on the couch with the kitties, try to get some reading done, and veg-out while my body healed.

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