Feel Good Fridays

cat sleeping curled up in a ball on a gray blanket
Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Good morning!

Wednesday afternoon I had a bit of oral surgery and had an implant placed within my gum line. I knew it’d be traumatic for me; I have a fear of dentists. But I have found one that I truly cherish, respect, and love, and feel she does the same of me. Still, even with all of that mutual respect and trust, I required nitrous for the procedure…

And yesterday? I took the day off to recover. Not only did I have a whopping laughing gas hangover, but my jaw hurt, my bone hurt, my face hurt. I took the day to rest, do nothing, sit on the couch with the kitties, try to get some reading done, and veg-out while my body healed.

And today? It’s like Wednesday never happened. I regreted having to take two days off in a row from my employer, especially during this trying time. But, I knew Wednesday I woudln’t be working and yesterday’s sick-day was a spur-of-the-moment 6:00am text to the HR department.

But it’s also a gentle reminder that sometimes we all need rest. Sometimes we need to make time to do nothing and rest, recoup, and recover. From anything; not just oral surgery or otherwise.

May we take these words to heart:

“The most valuable thing we can do for the psyche, occasionally, is to let it rest, wander, live in the changing light of room, not try to be or do anything whatever.”

― May Sarton

Be well, today. And this weekend. And next week. Please. Find time to celebrate yourselves and honor your minds and bodies. And…relax.

Much love, Lisa.

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