Endometriosis in a Hooded Capuchin

hooded capuchin eating fruit while sitting in a tree

In January of 2021, the Journal of Medical Primatology published an article about a hooded capuchin (a primate) that developed Endometriosis. They were able to “successfully” treat it with surgery and medical management.

This is only one case of a growing list of cases of spontaneous Endometriosis developing in non-humans: including several other primates and a dog. Animals with Endo break my heart: they cannot fully express any pain they may be in, or offer opinion or consent for medical procedures…and it just makes me want to weep.

In this recent study, they observed the primate showed signs of backache, a decrease in activity, and she tested positive for blood in her urine. Physical exams and ultrasounds were normal and they performed an abdominal surgery in which they found “reddish tissue” in the pelvic cavity and around her ovary. Biopsy confirmed it was Endometriosis and she was given a hormonal implant.

A little over a year later, she seemed to have far less symptoms, but unfortunately the primate passed away due to complications of diabetes. An autopsy was performed and no new Endometriosis lesions were discovered.

As a side note, hooded capuchins at the Denver Zoo eat a diet of veggies, greens, fruits, bugs, and sometimes nuts (usually during training sessions). I specifically am targeting the Denver Zoo because I believe that’s where this primate was from, seeing as the article references a lot about the Denver Zoo…


Denver Zoo – Hooded Capuchin

Journal of Medical Primatology (Abstract; Jan. 2021) Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis in a hooded capuchin (Sapajus apella) You can purchase access to the full article through Wiley Online Library for $7 (48-hours online access)

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