Share Your Story : Josi

text on a chalkboard that reads Don't Give Up!

Josi is 19 years old and lives in Torrington, WY.  She was diagnosed with Endometriosis just two months ago.  Like so many women, just knowing there was a cause to her pain gave her a little bit of peace of mind and she has begun her journey toward relief.  Josi hasn’t let this pain stop her from living, as she recently married the love of her life and is moving forward with hers!

Josi’s Journey: I started vomiting constantly and experiencing bad pain at 11 years old. I thought it was anxiety, and didn’t get it checked out for a couple years. At 14, I finally had a scope done to reveal a hiatal hernia. I thought, “finally, this is the cause!” And began taking prescribed medicines for acid reflux and IBS. Nothing helped. Another scope. Nothing new.

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