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Josi is 19 years old and lives in Torrington, WY.  She was diagnosed with Endometriosis just two months ago.  Like so many women, just knowing there was a cause to her pain gave her a little bit of peace of mind and she has begun her journey toward relief.  Josi hasn’t let this pain stop her from living, as she recently married the love of her life and is moving forward with hers!

Josi’s Journey: I started vomiting constantly and experiencing bad pain at 11 years old. I thought it was anxiety, and didn’t get it checked out for a couple years. At 14, I finally had a scope done to reveal a hiatal hernia. I thought, “finally, this is the cause!” And began taking prescribed medicines for acid reflux and IBS. Nothing helped. Another scope. Nothing new.

The doctors then thought it must be my gallbladder, or my stomach emptying too slow – and thus began tests and CT scans and swallowing of awful liquids. Nothing. December 27th, 2012, my gallbladder came out. And everything got worse. Now all the food I eat gives me diarrhea and I get nauseous. Six months later, I was sent 9 hours away to a surgeon who performed a partial Nissen Fundoplication – he wrapped my stomach around my esophagus on June 4th, 2013. Finally, after six years, I could lay down without vomiting (I used to sleep sitting straight up.) This was supposed to fix everything.

I then got engaged to the love of my life and married on July 5th, 2014. The pain had been growing, and now I couldn’t work and was in bed often, with my hot lamp and recurrent hot baths. An old therapist referred me to a women’s clinic and I eventually had my diagnostic laparoscopy on October 29th, 2014. “Endometriosis Confirmed.” Yes! An answer! Pain will be better now, she scraped the tissue out!

It is now almost New Years and pain is still horrible, I am almost halfway done with Lupron Depot. It is a horrible drug, and hasn’t helped yet. I am so elated to know where my pain has been coming from for now 8 years. The problem I thought was fixed was actually 2 problems, one fixed, one still in hiding. I am frustrated, confused, and utterly and demonically hormonal, but I have hope. Now that I have the answer, I can begin this journey to relief.

Words of Advice for Us: Don’t give up. Surround yourself with people who BELIEVE you. My mother doesn’t want to hear about any of this. So I have to be careful with her. That’s okay! Realize that some days, it is okay if you don’t clean the whole house or climb a mountain. You are breathing, you are alive. You are a conqueror by doing so.

The Last Word: It has been life changing to open up to other women who suffer the same thing. I have friends who “have been there.” So, when they tell me that it will be okay, I can believe them. Don’t be afraid to open up! ♡ All my love and support.

I want to send a special Thank You out to Josi for being brave enough to share her personal story, struggle, and victories with us today.  You are a beautiful, brave, and strong woman.  Thank you!!!   Keep us posted on your Lupron Depot treatments, hun.  I’ve got one more injection before I’ve wrapped mine up; just know that it gets a little bit easier as the months go along…

And if YOU would like to share your story, please let me know.  The best part about this disease is the strong network of love and support from our fellow EndoWarriors, and our friends and family, too.

Yours, Lisa.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Story : Josi

  1. Poor Josi! Keep fighting for answers and know that you DO know your body better than anyone so if you are in pain, you know that there is a reason!

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