I did two three-month injections of Lupron back-to-back beginning 12/26/06. It was a living hell for me, & knowing what I know now, I got off easy. I actually don’t remember a lot from that time b/c I was in such a fog. I remember hot flashes, incredible mood swings, & intense rage. I remember thinking, “This isn’t me. Why am I saying/doing this? Why can’t I stop?” Eventually I simply isolated myself from everyone to avoid saying or doing things I couldn’t seem to control. It was very lonely. These things eased on their own a few months after the the end of my six months. My body odor also changed, & that has taken years to revert back to normal, although it’s been changing back in the last couple years.

It’s been nearly ten years & my body is still trying to recover. The longest-lasting impact has been the inability to lose weight, & the ease with which I now gain weight. I gained 70 pounds during the six months I was on Lupron. Not only have I not been able to lose that, I’ve also been unable to lose the weight gained during two subsequent pregnancies. The shame & social stigma of obesity has wreaked havoc on my psyche & self-esteem. The assumptions made – by strangers, medical professionals, friends, & family alike – are devastating to me. I was a fitness trainer & loved my healthy, fit body. It’s been a major contributing factor to depression. I’ve searched for years how to heal my body.

For the first time, I’m hopeful that I may have finally found some answers, although I’m now having physical “flashbacks” as I believe my fat cells are releasing stored Lupron. I’ve started a new way of eating (fat & carb cycling for low-glycemic impact), combined with liver/gall bladder cleanses & intense exercise (karate) four hours a week. I’ve finally lost some weight for the first time in nearly 10 years, although mild body odor issues & some mild rage flares have reoccurred since I’ve started this protocol. It’s nothing compared to the intensity of the same with Lupron, & I’m hopeful that my body may finally be able to purge the rest of this drug from my system.

I’ve tried everything I could find to lose weight & return to my old normal, & nothing has worked for me until the aforementioned protocol. From my research (& there’s very little information out there), other women have also found success with high-intensity work outs. Previously I’ve tried circuit training, HIIT, cardio, & weight lifting. Karate is the only thing I’ve used successfully. As for diet, I’ve done paleo, low-carb, clean eating, & restrictive calorie counting. Food cycling is the only diet change that seems to be effective for me.

I’ve reached out to the few women from whom I’ve seen testimonies, but none have really given me detailed feedback as to what they did to get their bodies back. With so little information & assistance out there, it’s been a very demoralizing journey for me. Thank you for hosting this here. I hope this is perhaps helpful to others struggling with these same remaining issues. I’m happy to answer any questions while I’m still figuring this out myself.