I had 2 injections from lupron at first it wasn’t so bad then the headaches and pain started I couldn’t hardly walk I hurt so bad I was in and out of the hospital my doctor told me it wouldn’t hurt me I ended up having 26lbs of fluid on me from the injections and having to follow up with a neurologist he told me the lupron was causing migraines and I needed to stop taking it immediately so I did I still suffer from migraines and I haven’t had any injections since July 2013 . my doctor then told me I needed to have a total hysterectomy said that the lupron made my endometriosis spread and get worse . if I would’ve known at 23 years old and having no kids that I would be been going through all of this after the lupron I would’ve never taken the shots my migraines are so bad that they cause my nose to bleed and severe nausea