I wish more information was available 20 years ago but never the less am glad that more is finally being spoken about the pain and management of Endometriosis. I felt like an alien in my own body and nobody had any idea or would talk about it. Doctors just played God with medications and if your body didn’t respond to it as they anticipated then something was wrong with me and not the medications. I was often told your “too young” for this pain or symptom.. Well duh that’s why is alarming to me too! My experience on Lupron was one of the worst in my life. I thought I was dying a slow death. I was 23 years old and my body was shocked into menopause. Only worse I was a young woman who was supposed to be vibrant and energetic and filled with joy not debilitating pain and thoughts of death and raging mood swings and migraines. I was told I had irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, liver inflammatory disorder, chemical sensitivity, and chronic allergies. I was even told to just live in a bubble. That’s how it does feel to live in a bubble cause, you can’t walk without sciatic nerve pain, I became afraid to eat anything cause it would erupt my digestive tract, my immune system was collapsed. Questioning God and life existence as I had always been a good Christian girl so why am I being tortured this way. My mind and emotions were in a whirl until I stopped the Lupron. It took 2 years to get myself back to shape of feeling some what human again. I turned to hollistic medicine and herbs and a homeopathic lifestyle to take my life back. It was only through alternative medicine and detoxing my body did I rejuvenate my body into remission. I still have bad episodes but it’s only with I cheat the holistic lifestyle that my body punishes me. But nothing as horric as my experience of being Lupron, HRT or birth control. For me only surgery gives significant relief to maintaining a holistic lifstyle. I pray for all my Endo sister to make peace with Endo.