My lupron experience came after lots of tried/failed medication fixes. Birth control gave me migraines so this was the Dr’s (that I was seeing at the time) last hope. He didn’t want to go to surgery route even though it was evident for years that I couldn’t have any more successful pregnancies. So this was my hope to be pain free. I did the 3 month shots with NO add back therapy. Most of the 3 month I was pain free minus around shot times. My total time was 18 months. Aside from the financial burden (which was A LOT OUT OF POCKET)after about 6 months the other side effects kicked in and these are ones that 4 years post Lupron have never gone back to normal. Insomnia, Anxiety attacks, bone loss, short term memory loss and most of the other symptoms the other ladies mentioned. I am just now 2 years post hysterectomy and I wish that was the route I had taken to begin with between surgery and diet control I live 90% symptom free. I finally have quality of life, I don’t even say I have it back because I never had it to begin with. Way the pro’s and con’s before you decide to take the Lupron route.