I am 26 and have had endo pain for years (had a lap done at 20 and they found it then). Always had terrible period pain. I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 23, which, thankfully, is under control because we caught it early. Just this last fall, I started having terrible pain around my ovaries and that’s when they suggested this. I am hoping not everyone has these terrible side effects – I assume people who take it and don’t have side effects do not go on the internet to talk about how great it was – and probably never find this site.

I am now very worried. I got my first shot yesterday (out of 6 total) and have been experiencing fatigue (nothing else yet.. and the fatigue could be from my RA flaring because of the shot).

No kids yet and wanting kids in a few years, so hopefully this makes it makes the pain go away.

5/12/16 update:

 I (thankfully) have not had to go to the ER with pain or anything and am now on month 4, doing my month 5 injection on the 24th. The only side effects I have had were some really bad depression for one day during the first month, night sweats and fatigue.

I do want to say that I have RA and OFTEN have night sweats and am often fatigued , so I did not notice them being any worse than before.. but with RA I have flares (like endo) and it was like during a flare (but not constant). RA makes your immune system overactive so I am taking Enbrel to suppress my immune system, thus being sick with bronchitis 3 times this spring UGH

Month 1 – No noticeable positive effects; Negative: 1 day of depression like I’ve never had, general lethargy and not wanting to do anything that I enjoy – but it went away after that, more pain around ovaries (that subsided within the next month), night sweats and fatigue. I also was sick with bronchitis and my RA was flaring because of that so that probably caused the night sweats and more fatigue.

Month 2 – Positive: less period pain (!!!!!!!!!!) and less pain during times that were not my time of the month; Negative: night sweats and fatigue (had bronchitis again this month so I could not take my RA meds to control these)

Month 3 – Positive: even less period pain & pain during other times of the month (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!); Negative: night sweats and fatigue (AND on my third bout of bronchitis, so barely taking my Enbrel)

Although I’m not done with my injections yet – I have had a decent outcome – less pain with my periods which is AMAZING and less pain in general.

Oops – that one I meant 3rd injection. I just took my 4th injection yesterday and have actually had positive outcomes. Just started “add-back” therapy b/c my hair has begun falling out quite a bit. Other then that I feel really good and it has really helped me!