I did one shot of 3 month Lupron November 2015 after years of pain and trusting my doctor(biggest mistake of my life!!)
Since then severe hip and lower back pain, exhausted beyond belief, mood swings , tears uncontrollable. Hair loss and feel awful all the time and night sweats severe every single night even now a month after it was suppose to be out of my system!! I did add back therapy for the 3 months. I still have no period had hormones tested they are non existing. I don’t sleep ever! I have told my doctor all along how bad I feel he seems to not care at all!!! And just notified me my hormones may never come back??? This has been the worst nightmare of my life! It has affected my job and my relationship I get married in 2 months yet have completely lost my sex drive.
All I can say is DO not take Lupron I would never ever ever again and wish I would of known!!!