I can’t eat WHAT?!?

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Since my June 30, 2014, surgery and diagnosis of Endometriosis, I went on a radical journey to find out how I can help my body fight this disease, especially while I was waiting for the insurance to approve my treatment regimen.  Several books and webpages pointed out the same facts of what foods to avoid, and which to devour!  So, overnight I made a decision: to do a 180-degree flip on what I did, and did not, eat.

Some say the choice and change was too rapid.  I should have eased into it, rather than cold turkey’d it.  I agree now, but hindsight and all of that jazz.  Regardless, I feel SO much better.  I don’t know if it’s the dietary change, or the Lupron Depot injections, or both, but I do feel a lot better (from time to time).

I have drastically reduced (or even no longer eat) the following foods, with a short (aka layman) explanation of why:

Wheat: contains gluten and phytic acid, which can aggravate symptoms of Endometriosis. (Update 12/28/20: bread doesn’t seem to bother me like it bothers others. I’ve carefully track my diet and symptoms, so I don’t cut out a lot of wheat or gluten anymore).

Red Meat: causes increased inflammation and hurt digestion (also may contain crazy amounts of hormones). (Update 12/28/20: I do notice an increase in digestion discomfort when I eat red meat, so it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon, very rare treat for me.)

Refined sugars (including juices and sodas): causes inflammation and further aggravates symptoms of Endometriosis (I can’t cut this out ’cause it’s everywhere, but I do make a conscious effort to cut back…) (Update 12/28/20: I rarely every drink sodas anymore. Again, a super rare-treat. I no longer crave them like I used to. And found that zero-sugar sparkling waters, like lime Perrier, are an amazing substitute when I need some bubbly)

Caffeine: causes abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels. (Update 12/28/20: for years, I had cut out coffee and only drank teas or fake coffee, like Teecino. One day, in 2019 I got back into it. My Endometriosis had kept recurring, or growing in new places, and I was tired of denying myself my old, delicious brew. But I did switch to decaf instead of regular coffee. And keep it to only a few cups on any given day.)

Chocolate: contains sugars and caffeine (Update 12/28/20: for the most part, if I do eat any chocolate I go for dark chocolate. And limit it to just a piece or two.)

Dairy: causes inflammation (also may contain crazy amounts of hormones). (Update 12/28/20: I haven’t used regular milk in a very long time. I have learned to love unsweetened almond milk as my substitute. I’ve tried oat milks, flaxseed milks, coconut milk, etc…but unsweetened almond milk is my favorite. I do cheat with the occasional yogurt or pudding or small bowl of ice cream. And I 100% feel it when I do…)

Alcohol: muddies up the liver (I haven’t cut this out, but I have drastically reduced.  I no longer drink beer and only enjoy 1 or two glasses of white wine when I do drink). (Update 12/28/20: for the most part, I still only drink a glass of wine or two. Again, lime Perrier makes a wonderful substitute for beer. My husband and I actually call it my “fake beer.” And only drink cocktails when socializing anymore, which is a rarity.)

I enjoy tea made of lemon juice, sliced ginger, honey, and water.  It not only helps with indigestion and inflammation, but is incredibly soothing and is the perfect “relaxy” drink right before bed.

I also take daily vitamins and supplements, which include Calcium, Vitamin D-3, biotin, DIM-SGS, N-acetyl cysteine, iodine, fiber, an immune-building blend, and a multivitamin.

EndoResolved is a wonderul resource for dietary information.

What have YOU found that works well for you?  What foods to you love to devour? What foods did you cut out? Comment and share below!

And if you made it all of the way to the bottom on this blog, Thank You!

(Updated December 28, 2020)

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