Liquid Crazy Injections

Syringe containing Lupron Depot

In August of 2014, I began my Lupron Depot injections.  What is Lupron Depot? I affectionately call it Liquid Crazy.

What is Lupron Depot? It’s a drug that stops the production of Estrogen and other hormones that may cause Endometrosis implants to grow, scar, and spread.  It may also supposed to shrink any implants and adhesions.  What does that mean for my body?  It throws me into temporary menopause, as well as other side effects.

I am now in Month 3 (out of 6) of my treatment.  Hopefully the worst of the side effects are over.  During the first two months, I’d have weekly full body aches, so bad that I’d have to stay home from work.  Every little joint and movement hurt horribly.  Now in Month 3, the aches have seemingly ceased, but I still find myself completely exhausted, all of the time.  I am quite … tearful, often, at the slightest things! (augh!) I now have extreme sensitivity to the sun, and have to constantly wear sunscreen and giant floppy sunhats.  My EVERYTHING is dry (eyes, mouth, throat, skin, other…bits) and lotions, drops, and lube offer little solace. My sexual appetite has nearly vanished, which sucks! And when we do have intercourse, it has to be with a condom and lube (now that’s romantic…). I also suffer a bit of nausea every morning after taking my “Add Back” pill…And, yes, I do have hot flashes and night sweats.  But the joyous side effect? I’ve finally stopped having my period (yay for Month 3!).  And hopefully the Endo has either completely stopped it’s growth for now, or at least slowed down.

My next injection is on November 20, and my last injection will be on January 15.  I am really looking forward to the end of February when the last of the Lupron is hopefully out of my system…and we can move on to the next course of treatment.

While on Lupron, I am also taking Norethindrone, referred to as the “Add Back” pill.  It helps counter some of the more devastating effects of Lupron, like bone loss, and literally “adds back” some of the good hormones that Lurpon is stripping.

All in all, the Lupron injections have been worth it for me.  I have no regrets about starting, nor continuing, the treatment.  However, many women have far worse experiences and side effects.

Have you treated with Lupron?  What were your experiences?

Are you about to start Lupron and have questions? Please feel free to pick my brain.

And thank you for reading my daily rambling. Here is an December 2014 update on my treatments and side effects.

(Updated December 28, 2020)

5 thoughts on “Liquid Crazy Injections

  1. I am currently on Lupron (Prostrap in the UK). I had my final injection last week. I too struggle with the fatigue and the emotions this drug brings, to the point I cry nearly every day over the smallest things. One day there will be a treatment that does not have ridiculous side effects.

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