Inconspicuous Pain Relief

Hypothetical, but it happens more often than not : So it’s one of those flareup, crampy days.  But you HAVE to go to work. You have to run errands. You have to face the world.  What do YOU do?  Can’t plug a heating pad in and walk around all day – you’d need one hellava long extension cord…Painkillers may not be an option for you that day.  You may need your full faculties. Lord knows I do…

So I’m exploring options as far as “inconspicuous” pain relief.

ThermacareIn the past, when I need to be mobile, I’ve used Thermacare the small sticky, self-heating pads.  They are activated when you open the packet and expose the pad to air.  They stick to your clothing up against your abdomen, they are thin, and provide heat for several hours.   They also make a large size for your back, in case that is also in pain.  They’ve never actually *fully* taken away my pain, but the warmth does help, and is a comfort. 

hotshotzI’ve seen HotShotz at trade shows and various online vendors, but have never tried them.  They use small crystals that activate when you press a little capsule inside the pack.  Supposedly, they offer heat for a while and then you can take it home, boil it for a few minutes, and it resets the crystals & capsule to use again on a later date.  They may be small enough to slip under your shirt if you’re sitting at work.  HotShotz offers a variety of sizes and shapes as well.  

MN8There are several books, articles, webpages, and videos regarding the power of magnets and pain control.  I was able to locate several products (all costing several hundred dollars), but this one, MN8, is specifically created for menstrual cramps and will not break the bank.  It’s a small magnet that you place attaches to your underwear, slightly beneath your bellybutton.  MN8’s page also states, “It has been reported for many years that MN8 helps with Endometriosis.”  Interesting.  I may have to try this out just for the hell of it!  

Heating PadI personally keep this in my drawer at work this small, microwaveable heating pad.  It’s filled with rice, flax, and lavender.  A quick 1 minute in the microwave, and I slip this bad boy beneath my shirt.  If I get hauled into a meeting, I slip it out and hide it back in my drawer.  It’s not the best for mobility, but it’s hidden all day beneath my shirt.  EndoFemm wearable heating pads by Pelvic Pain Solutions are my favorite and well worth the money.

What do YOU use for your pain relief?  Something small that you can tuck away and hide discreetly.  Leave a comment below 🙂

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