Endo Tattoo – Sneak Peek!

Text that reads "sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down" by Scott O'Connor

So, I’m no stranger to tattoos.  But it’s been five years since my last one. My ink needs to mean something to me…and after my diagnosis and new journey with Endometriosis, I knew what I wanted.

Yesterday, I had my first session (go back in in 2 weeks to complete it…) with Will Novotny at Bad Influence Tattoo.   You, my blog followers, get a sneak peek at it before I share it on Facebook with my friends and family 🙂 I’d like to wait until it’s finished before I share it with them. But I cannot wait to share it with you!  Please be aware it is not yet finished, but when it is, it will be AMAZING!  And all color will be added during my next session with my tattoo artist.

A bit of history and meaning:


I have a special sort of anatomy…a septated vaginal canal with a dual cervix, but only one uterus. “What is that,” you ask. Your vaginal canal is likely a singular “tube” (I like that word…haha) leading up to your cervix.  Mine is split in half: I have a left side and a right side, and likewise have a left cervix and a right cervix.  Both are fully functional and operational 😉  I require two tampons during my cycle (one on each side) as well as two pap smears each year (again, a left pap and a right pap).  TMI? Too bad! Take your left hand and form an O with your fingers, now do the same with your right.  And put the two O’s together.  Voila : my special anatomy!  These two big O’s remind me of owl eyes (I obsessed on owls after my dual cervix/canal discovery…)

So, for my tattoo, I have an owl.  It represents my lady bits. 🙂 Owls are also associated with change, wisdom, intelligence, and death (interpreted by many as a “life transition change”).  All of which I have gained since my Endometriosis diagnosis, which has also drastically changed not only my emotional life, but my physical well-being, diet, and thinking.

Blue Lotus Blossom:

While researching things for my tattoo, I was fascinated to learn that lotus blossoms are “born” in mud & grime.  They rise up each day up out of the muddy waters and unfurl their petals, clean as a whistle.  Beautiful.  And each day they retreat back into the murky depths, only to be reborn in the morning, again beautiful.  Blue lotus blossoms are held in ancient Egyptian culture as a sign of rebirth and renewal.  And Buddhists believe it symbolizes victory of the senses, spiritual wisdom, and intelligence.  I have been given a second chance in life since my surgery and treatment.  For the moment, I am pain-free, and now know what that feels like!  I have been reborn, renewed.  And also since my diagnosis, I have learned, and continue to learn, SO very much!  Not only about my condition, but about myself.  And continue to grow.  The blue lotus blossom also personally represents to me that great beauty can come out of the worst of situations.  A necessary element in my tattoo.

Barbed Wire:

As any Endometriosis sufferer knows, it hurts like hell.  Many women refer to it as barbed wire tearing up their insides.  It’s true. It’s what it does feel like.  So, the barbed wire represents the pain of this disease.

Yellow Ribbon:

The yellow ribbon stands for hope and raising awareness of Endometriosis.

Drop of Blood:

Not yet visible in this tattoo is a drop of blood.  For each surgery I have regarding my Endometriosis, a drop of blood will be added.  It will be a way for me to not only keep count, but to remember.  And survive.  The drop will be added during my next session with my tattoo artist.


Will’s designed my piece, transferred it to flash paper, and the design is now on my flesh, just waiting for the ink!
My best friend and Seester, Rosie, hung out with us in the studio ❤
The outline begins!
It’s beginning to take shape
Detail of the petals, barbed wire, and ribbon
Detail of the owl
First session complete

More to come!!

Do you have your own Endometriosis tattoo?  I’d love to see it!!








~ Again, I am a layman.  I do not hold any college degrees, nor mastery of knowledge.  Please take what I say with a grain of salt.  If curious, do your own research 😉 Validate my writings.  Or challenge them.  And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Always.  Yours ~ Lisa

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