Q&A Interview Pending

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Interviews of Dr. Appleyard and Dr. Flores (two leading Endometriosis researchers in Puerto Rico) are in the works!  They were two of the investigating team for the stress studies referenced in my recent blog.

Each has graciously agreed to sit down with me (virtually) and answer some questions about Endometriosis! I’m so very excited for this opportunity! But I want to share this opportunity with YOU!  If you have any questions you would like me to include, please leave your questions in the Comments below! I plan on submitting my questions by the end of this week.

Yours, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Q&A Interview Pending

  1. hi there,
    is it too late yet?

    I’m 37 and been trying to conceive for the last 10 years, been having this adenomyosis and horrendous menstrual pain. Profenid suppository is my best friend for the last 3 years, and i have been wondering, is it okay to use it every month? (I usually need 2 – 3 supps for two days each month to relieve the pain).

    that would be all.

    thank you for the opportunity 🙂


    1. Hi hun! I’ve already submitted my email, but these two are Ph.D.’s (scientists & researchers) and not medical doctors. You’ll certainly want to ask your personal doctor or gyno that question. It’s a doozy!! I am curious though…if you’d like, I have a friend who is a nurse. Would you like me to ask her?


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