Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?

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The medical community has a standard of care for Endometriosis.


There are many physicians who have heard, and treat, Endometriosis.  And there are many still who have not heard of it, nor know the first thing about treating Endometriosis.  With that being said, is there a medical-community standard for successfully suppressing symptoms of Endometriosis?  In this modern day and age of scientific discovery, you’d think yes…but…


Some physicians will operate, surgically removing or destroying Endometriosis implants and scarring from the pelvic cavity and beyond.  Some physicians refuse to operate.

Some prescribe Lupron Depot with the “Add Back” pill.  Some refuse to prescribe the Add Back pill.  And some refuse to prescribe Lupron.  Some prescribe Depo Provera, others prescribe Zoladex, others Danazol, others Lanzopral.

Some suggest hysterectomies.  Others are vehemently against them.

Some suggest birth control pills, IUDs, implants, or a “ring.”  Others do not.

Many prescribe NSAIDs and pain killers.  Many do not.

And while any of these above-referenced treatments may work for some women, they do not work for all women…

The medical community still does not know what causes, contributes to, or sustains Endometriosis.  Without that knowledge, they cannot begin to iron out a standard of care for all women, let alone a cure.  It’s trial and error.  Hit and miss.

And it’s frustrating.

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