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So I posted about my poo diary this morning, but you don’t know WHY I have to keep one…

So Saturday I had an appointment with my PCP. Well, the Physician’s Assistant. It was wonderful! I was going in to get a referral to a GI doctor because of my poopy-gut-pain (knives, daggers, glass feelings when I poo) and we talked for nearly an hour about my Endometriosis, my diet, my supplements, my birth control, and my poopy issues. She wasn’t quick to jump to conclusions of IBS or Crohn’s, which I valued! And we even discussed the possibility that my Endo and/or adhesions may have returned, which may be causing my renewed poopy-pain (been poopy-pain free for nearly a year, then *blamo* they’re back). At the end of our lengthy conversation, she stuck her finger in my butt (wooooohooooo), said that I have a sharp 90 degree angle inside (which she said isn’t normal, but may not be bad) and it may truly be that adhesions are pulling my insides out of whack. Especially after I told her my op report said Endo and adhesions “obliterated my cul de sac”- she understood right away that pulls everything and can cause havoc with rectum and bowels.

She’ll write up the referral to the GI and strongly suggested that my GI and gyno have a powwow before/during/after my GI appointment. I’ve asked if she could find a GI that was at least familiar with Endometriosis rather than I having to explain it or immediately settle for an IBS diagnosis. I love it when you find a doctor (or a PA) that truly listens and cares. And she affirmed that my lifelong poopy pain is NOT normal, calling me her most “Patient Poopy Patient” for enduring these years of pain always thinking they were normal. It’s time to start honoring my body and reaching out for help regarding anything that may not be normal.

I’m also not wanting to jump to conclusions that this can only be caused by my Endo and/or adhesions. And she understands that as well. She let me know that there will likely be a scope test, and possibly a colonoscopy, just to rule out other possible internal issues or triggers. Also looking forward to an HPV test of my butt (I have two strains on my cervix [one of which is high-risk cancer HPV] and this is just to be thorough and safe).

This week I’ve been dealing with burning cramps accompanied by diarrhea. Yay…Keeping a diet/poopy diary until I have my GI appointment so I have some facts to bring in to him/her. Looking forward to normalizing again. Ugh.

How do you deal with your poopy issues?  Do you have Endo on or inside your bowels? What does it feel like?  What about IBS or Crohns?  Drop a comment below…

8 thoughts on “More about my Pooper

  1. Ha ha, love it! Yep, got some bowel issues but since I’ve never had any of my surgeries with a specialist it’s never been investigated if I have any on my bowels but all my problems came at the same time and now that I’ve had a hysterectomy and the bowel issues are still there no matter what I do! Yep, referred to a gastroenterologist who thinks my pain and constipation is IBS,of course but scheduled for a colonoscopy in a couple weeks to make sure it’s not anything else going on! The GI dr also wants me to follow the FODMAP Diet which has taken away most of the foods I like to eat! So fed up with it all!!

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  2. I have endo on my bowel as well, and your glass/knives description is perfect – especially when I ate certain types of food. I’ve been taking Letrozole (found your blog because of your entry on it actually) and Norethindrone combo for almost a year and I’m completely endo-pain free now. I’m considering quitting the Letrozole though, due to chronic fatigue and joint pain (Calcium, Glucosamine/MSM actually works to reduce this though). Letrozole did significantly reduce my GI pain but didn’t completely eliminate it, and the constipating side effect of Calcium supplementation pretty much eliminated the diarrhea too, but I was still in pain, and developing food intolerances and allergies at an alarming rate (6 foods in less than a year).

    I’ve had nearly all of my doctors, including my endo specialist – jump to the IBS conclusion, so I researched my own GI specialist. I kept a very detailed food/symptom/BM diary for 6 weeks before seeing him. The GI specialist suggested IBS, but also suggested that my gut flora may be out of whack. He prescribed VSL#3DS – a heavy-duty prescription strength probiotic – and within a few months of taking it twice a day I’ve been able to eat everything without fear again.

    Obviously, probiotics aren’t going to help a physical problem like adhesions pulling your bowels into odd positions, but at least in my case they were the last piece of the puzzle to eliminate all of my pain. I’m nervous about what will happen if I end up quitting the Letrozole – but the fatigue has become nearly as debilitating as the endo pain was. 😦

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    1. Thank you for writing! I hope all works out well with your Letrozole! The Unknowns can be very terrifying! Wishing you the best of luck if you do decide to quit it. Side effects are no bueno, especially when they become a burden rather than an annoyance.

      Are you still taking the RX probiotics, or was it only for a certain period of time to see how the gut feels? I’m SO intrigued! I’m on a probitioc now, but it’s an over-the-counter.

      I’m looking forward to the GI appointment and will keep you posted!


      1. Hi! Thanks! I plan to discuss my fatigue with my endo specialist in a couple weeks before making a final decision about the Letrozole. Hoping there’s an alternative! 🙂

        I am still taking the probiotic, but once a day now instead of twice. I notice if I forget to take it for more than a day or two my symptoms will start to return, so I think I might be stuck with it long term.

        I hope you’re able to find answers and relief at your upcoming appointment! 🙂

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