Changing birth control pills

A white pill

So, here’s the news…

Thanks ObamaCare.  Due to changes in insurance coverage and expenses, my employer has changed my insurance plan.  It’s the same carrier, but the plan has altered slightly.  What does that mean for my coverage?

Thankfully, I still can see my same physicians, although my physician co-pays have all increased by about $10.  I’ve no clue how any medical procedures will be affected financially.  BUT what I do know : my insurance will no longer cover my Amethyst birth control.  Sure, it’s free.  Sure there’s all this legislation and praise about free birth control…but my insurance refuses to provide Amethyst anymore.

Instead, I’m going on a generic of my generic (Amethyst is the generic version of Lybrel).  What’s the name of my new birth control?  It doesn’t really have a name.  Emblazoned on the prescription box is “Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol 90 mcg/20 mcg tablets.” That’s the name of my new BC.  It’s a tongue twister, and it’s the same dosage of my Amethyst pills…but…

Not all generics are the same.  Fortune magazine states, “The [FDA’s] definition of bioequivalence is surprisingly broad: A generic’s maximum concentration of active ingredient in the blood must not fall more than 20% below or 25% above that of the brand name. This means a potential range of 45%, by that measure, among generics labeled as being the same.”

I haven’t had my period since September, 2014.  I have been taking Amethyst since January, 2015.  I haven’t spotted. I haven’t had any break-through bleeding.  And best of all I haven’t had any terrible Endo symptoms.  I’ve had a few flare-ups, but nothing unbearable.

So today I start my new pill.  Last night I said goodbye to my last Amethyst pill.  Tonight at 6:00 pm, I’ll swallow this new tiny pill…hoping that my body won’t have to adjust.  Hoping for no raging hormones, no spotting, no periods, but most importantly : no Endometriosis symptoms.  It’s been wonderful having 99.9% of my life back.  Will see how my body adjusts to this new medication.  Hoping for the best.

What about you? Have you switched pills and suffered?

Thanks for reading. Today I am just venting because I’m worried.  Worrying accomplishes nothing and I was hoping by writing it all out I’d feel better.  I think it’s helped already 😉



7 thoughts on “Changing birth control pills

  1. Yuk, my copays got jacked too 😦 I can’t speak to the BC part, since I don’t take it, but I def agree like a gazillion percent that name brand meds always trump the generics in potency and quality. Sometimes it’s worth paying that extra $$. My pharmacy accidently gave me Levthyroxine (sp.) last month instead of the name brand Synthoid I normally take, and I HAVE noticed a difference. That said, I hope your new meds are like your old ones and nothing weird happens. Maybe they can increase the dosage if you start getting breakthrough bleeding and other unwanted side effects though? Guess you’ll have to give it time to see….

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  2. Fingers crossed for you! I was on a pill for a while and still getting really intense bleeding which obviously comes with insane amounts of pain… Ever since I got on the Mirena IUD, I’ve noticed that when I do bleed it is much lighter. Unfortunately, still a lot of pain though but that comes with the endo. I do think I want to get off of the IUD soon because I’ve heard some scary stories about endo tissues getting around the IUD and it can displace it! Scary stuff! I do understand the nervousness about switching to a new pill so I really hope it comes with little amount of changes for you!

    I ordered a pin and was curious how long they take to deliver…No worries, I just want to make sure I get it!

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    1. Thanks, Fela! If you do decide to pull out your Mirena, let us know how it goes. The stories have been scary. I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t helped with your pain. Keep us posted 🙂 I checked the USPS tracking number for your button and it’s out for delivery as we speak 🙂 Should hit your mailbox today *woot* !! And thank you for your donation! 🙂 Wear it with pride, woman. If you’d like to track it, head to and enter tracking number 9114999944238926833724

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      1. I teared up getting this beautiful pin and handwritten note! Do you have an Instagram? I was going to tag you in my post. But if not that’s okay too! Thank you so much again! What you are doing is amazing. I’d love to eventually make things to raise money and awareness. Have a beautiful day!

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