San Diego Endometriosis Workshop

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If you’re in the San Diego area, save the date  February 24, 2016, at 6pm in Mission Valley.  The Wellness Institute of America contacted us due to our support group.  They offered to host a free workshop specifically targeted around Endometriosis.  They are the local chapter of a national non-profit organization (The Foundation of Wellness Professionals) and would like to donate their time and knowledge to our community.  Dr. Gerald Williams, who specializes in Natural Regenerative Medicine for women’s health, will be speaking. 

The details are still all coming together, but if you know you would like to attend (okay to bring a guest), please let me know.  I have a sign-up sheet and I’ll be updating my liaison at the Institute on a weekly basis.  Also, we have asked to make this workshop open to the public (as opposed to limited to our little group), so there will be a Facebook event page soon, which I will circulate to you if you’re interested. 

This is exciting!! San Diego is coming together as a whole to raise awareness for our illness. 

Yours, Lisa

3 thoughts on “San Diego Endometriosis Workshop

  1. Hi Amanda! Thank you SO much! Welcome aboard 🙂 I’ll keep you posted once the Institute sets up the event page. And if you ever need anything, let me know. Looking forward to meeting you, too!


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