Feel Good Fridays!


Well, I’m a day early; I know…but I’ll be making a road trip to see family and won’t have a chance to share tomorrow.  So, today it is!

I respect my gynecologist so very much.  While sitting with him to discuss recent test results, and my displeasure at my insurance’s handling of a situation, he encouraged me to write a letter, which I did.  He had done so that week already.

The long and short of it is the medical group has decided that HMO patients can no longer have imaging studies performed by my doctor; that we have to be ushered to an off-site facility to have a complete stranger perform the test, then wait a few weeks to hear the results.  PPO patients are still able to have their imaging studies done by my physician…but not HMO.  It was stressful.

But, my doctor said something that resonated on so many levels

“You may not only change your own life, but the lives of others.” ~Dr. Mel Kurtulus

Take that to heart.  And know that your little actions may very well influence many.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I intend to.

Update: January 7, 2021; Several months after this entry, I heard back from my HMO’s medical group. Due to the letter I wrote, they re-approved Dr. Kurtulus to perform in-house ultrasounds. YAY for small victories!

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