Endometriosis Awareness bracelets are here!

So, one night I was bored, and what do I do when I’m bored? I go shopping!

I was perusing the vendor’s site where I order the Bloomin’ Uterus buttons and decided to purchase some yellow bracelets to share with my friends, EndoSisters, and strangers!  Spreading awareness and solidarity in one fell swoop!

The outside has wrapped text that reads, “Endometriosis Awareness” and “We Stand Together.”  The text is slightly raised.  The inside has our blog’s webpage tucked away, almost invisible to the eye.  And, of course, they’re YELLOW!

Want one? Are you squirming in your chair, “HOWDOIGETONE?!?” *flailing arms and bulging eyes*

Well, they’re not for sale.  I want to give them away…at a price, of sorts.   And there will be a few ways you, too, can sport your very own fancy silicone awareness bracelet:

1.  Very soon we’ll be announcing an Endometriosis coloring contest!  A very talented friend of mine, Brandie, is furiously working on the templates for the coloring contest.  When it’s ready, I’ll post the details, rules, templates you can download, etc.  The winners (yes, there will be multiple), will receive a bracelet.  In return, I’ll be posting all of the amazing entries to help spread awareness of our illness!  Stay tuned!

2.  If you’re attending our 2017 Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk, you’ll be able to pick up a bracelet simply by filling out a little card identifying one fact or misconception about Endometriosis.  Pop that card in a little designated box and *presto* you have a bracelet!  Don’t know a fact? Plenty of time to pick one up.  Get to the event and forget your fact? Ask anyone 😉 Sharing means caring…I will also be posting all of the facts that are submitted.

These are in very limited supply (only 200 of them, well, 199 ’cause I stole one), otherwise I’d just give them away willy-nilly.

But they arrived in the mail today and I was too excited to wait.

PS – want to make your own bracelets?  I severely enjoy http://www.24hourwristbands.com for their quality and customer service.

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