Surgery: A caveat, footnote, the small print, an asterisk

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So, with surgery a week away, I met with my gyno/surgeon yesterday for my pre-op (you may have already read the details).  But as I was driving to work today, I realized I forgot to mention one important fact.  One that he mentioned to me the second I sat down in his office, before we got to the nitty-gritty.

He asked for my full attention and stated plainly that this surgery may take away my pain, it may not make a difference, or it may even make my pain worse.  He will do everything that he can to make me feel better, but he cannot promise it will.  And he asked if I understood what he just said.

I did.  And it’s true.  And I value him all the more for his blatant honesty (although I know he probably has to tell everyone that to cover his own butt).

I will repeat it:

“It may take away my pain, it may not make one lick of difference, and it may make my pain worse.”

It’s a fact of life.  There is no guarantee this procedure will help.  And there’s a chance that it may increase my pain.  Abdominal surgeries are notorious for causing adhesions to form, which may increase pain and discomfort.  And there’s no guarantee that the removed Endo lesions won’t return.  There is no cure.

Going into this with my head high and full of positive mojo.

9 thoughts on “Surgery: A caveat, footnote, the small print, an asterisk

  1. When it comes to Endometriosis, the skill level of surgeon is of upmost importance. Even if it means traveling out-of-state for access to only handful of Endo-Only Drs.


  2. Here is exactly where the hamster wheel begins: surgery to help endo pain = more adhesions = more pain = more surgeries, to infinity… Such a vicious cycle. Either way, I’m believing for option 1 that it takes your pain away FOR GOOD this time!

    p.s. I’d like to send you a little something, but lost your address if you can email it to me yet again!

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        1. OMG!!!! Thank you so much For the package! It arrived today, which is perfect because I could still go through it and know what I was looking at! I was sad last night that I hadn’t been able to find slippers in time…and YOU!!! You are incredible. Thank you. So much.

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          1. I’m so thrilled that:a) it got there incredibly early (thought it was to arrive on weds) and b) that it was useful! Seriously, I wanted to keep those socks for myself and they almost didn’t make it into the box. May go back and get another pair hehe. 🙂

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