Feel Good Fridays!

toy strongman lifting weights

Happy Friday!

Today I’m not going to share a quote…I’m going to share a single word my mother recently shared with me.

Sisu.  It’s a word from Finland.  Emilia Lahti, PhD, has studied and analyzed the word and  James Clear has written the following:

Sisu is a word that has no direct translation, but it refers to the idea of continuing to act even in the face of repeated failures and extreme odds. It is a way of living life by displaying perseverance even when you have reached the end of your mental and physical capacities.

“Sisu is the concept of taking action in the face of significant adversity or challenge. It is not so much about achievement as it is about facing your challenges with valor and determination.” She goes on to say, “Sisu provides the final empowering push, when we would otherwise hesitate to act.”

But Sisu runs even deeper than grit. It is a type of mental toughness that allows you to bear the burden of your responsibilities, whatever they happen to be, with a will and perseverance that is unbreakable. It is the ability to sustain your action and fight against extreme odds. Sisu extends beyond perseverance. It is what you rely on when you feel like you have nothing left.

You’re no longer my EndoWarriors…you’re my EndoSisus.  😉

I know A LOT of friends are going through A LOT of crap right now.  Depression, anxiety, pain, fear, financial hard times, uncertainty, doubt, turmoil, grief…

Find and embrace your inner-Sisu.  You got this.

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