Guyana : Endometriosis Support Group

paper dolls holding hands

Recently I wrote about Guyana’s treatment of Endometriosis.  I didn’t learn a whole lot about the care offered in their country, but did learn that their healthcare system is in need of repair, and the government and international aid organizations are striving to offer better care for the citizens of the country.

Since writing that blog entry, I’ve received 1,300 views from a country I’ve never heard of, and dozens of emails from people in Guyana who are suffering, or think they may have, Endometriosis.  One woman I was speaking with, Melinda, stepped up and has now started on online support group for Guyanese EndoWarriors. ❤

If you live in Guyana and suffer from Endometriosis, or think you may, or have questions about the illness and need to know what to do or who to see, please join the group.  Ask questions.  Share stories and experiences.  Talk about what works, or doesn’t work, to control your symptoms.  Arrange meetings in person with each other.  Hugging and laughing and crying with women who know what you’re going through is so therapeutic!

It can be found on Facebook

The EndoWarriors of Guyana may not have the best medical care available, especially when it comes to this illness, but they have each other.  And it’s a great step. May they unite!  May they raise awareness of this horrible disease in their country.  And may the press their government officials, hospitals, and physicians to give this disease the recognition and priority it deserves.

Thank you, Melinda, for caring enough to reach out to others.  And thank you, Guyanese Warriors, for reach out to each other.

I wish you all the best.  And I will always be here for you. ❤



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