Feel Good Fridays!

flog kicking back on a tiny couch

Whew. The end of the week! FINALLY!

I’ve been suffering with a head cold since Sunday.  Monday was a work holiday, and I also took Tuesday and Wednesday off to stay in bed and be a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, miserable mess.  Today – today I’m beginning to feel better 🙂

But, my nasty little plight this week inspired today’s Feel Good Quote by Elaina Marie:

“Honoring yourself is not selfish, it’s vital.”

Take the time to honor yourself – whether that be a day of rest, a special sweet snack, an hour of quiet time, a drive to your favorite place – whatever it may be that you’ve neglected for so long.  Take some you time…time for YOU!


And have a wonderful weekend!

Much love, Lisa.

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