Feel Good Fridays

Man surrounded by question marks

FRIDAY! We made it!  And it’s the first week of March : Endometriosis Awareness Month!!!

Today’s quote is from a local San Diegan EndoSister, Ella.  She’s been active in raising Endo awareness here, but has also been dealing with lifestyle changes and a plethora of natural treatment options for her ongoing symptoms.  She’s finally beginning to gain a sense of control, and imparted these incredible words of wisdom:

“I had to take it all with a grain of salt. I started realizing if I listened to everybody (my doctor, Dr.oz, Dr.Axe, Dr.Phil), coconut oil this, bone broth that… I’d go crazy…crazier than I was when people looked at me when I told them my menstrual cycle was unbearable.  I started listening to myself, my body, if I do my research and choose for myself what is right for ME, my body started doing its job.”

It is SO important to listen to and honor your body.  And I’m so proud of Ella for reaching a point of understanding her own body and doing what feels right for her.

Here I sit, hoping that you are able to pursue options that feel right to you.

And I apologize for a quiet blog this week – been busy getting ready for our Walk. 🙂  Hopefully can pick up the research and writing soon! I miss it!

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