Coloring Contest: February’s Winner!

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Congratulations, Jenn of Pennysylvania for winning our February Coloring Contest!  You’re automatically entered to win our Grand Prize: having your design printed on a t-shirt next year!  All profits of the t-shirt sales will go to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

I was able to get to know Jenn a little better and she shares her thoughts with us today:

I’m So excited to have won this portion!  My name is Jenn Geguzis Meanor, I do have endo and while it took me the stereotypical 10 years to get diagnosis, I’ve suffered since my first period.  Because I live in such a small area, it has been a tough battle to find proper treatment and people to take me seriously!  I’ve literally traveled all over the country (even from PA to CA for surgery!) to have my needs met, multiple times!
My case is not an easy one and is compounded by many other autoimmune diseases like so many of us have, but most recently I also had colo-rectal cancer removed, resulting in a permanent ileostomy.  There is no doubt in my mind that every inch of what I fight stems from this beast called endometriosis.
So I advocate, I educate, I reach out to others, I am a crisis listener for others struggling with autoimmunes (text or phone: 570.660.7744).  I run a Board that plans and executes several events to raise money for endo charities!  PA WALK FOR ENDOMETRIOSIS.  Were gearing up for our big events now, selling our shirts, taking donations, if anyone is interested, our Paypal and my email for info is:
Everyone is welcome-from any state! ❤  Thank you for supporting my work!
My inspiration was Lisa’s statement to show where endo women feel pain…most people just show the abdomen, but that’s so short sighted as it affects us everywhere!
I hope to see the gene isolated at the very least and blood test developed so that diagnosis can come a long way, certainly if a cure is not yet developed, as we continue to fight everyday!”
Thank you, Jenn, for all that you do!! And congratulations on winning February!  Such a beautiful piece of art!  GOOD LUCK for the Grand Prize in April!! ❤


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