Feel Good Fridays

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July has ended. It’s over. It’s done.

Moving into August already!

I just wanted to take a moment to check in on YOU. How are you doing? How was the month for you? Any ups? Downs? Victories? Struggles?

Let me know if the comments below. We’re all here for each other. Always. In every way we can be.

Feel Good Fridays

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It’s been another draining week. A good friend of mine, Lora, left me a little Marco Polo video that I finally watched this morning. And it was so damned uplifting I asked for permission to share a portion of it here.

And here it is. May her words remind you that you, too, possess the strength to get through this.

“You’ve got this. Really. I know you’ve got this…And I know that it makes you tired. And I know that it makes you not happy. Um, but I know – I know also that things are going to work out…

I just want you to know that you are strong. I know you know that, and I know you have your bad days and I know you’re on the ground sometimes just balled up in tears, but you find strength in places where I just cannot imagine. And you’ve got to reach for that.


You’re going to get through this….

Keep up the positive thinking….

Just know that I am thinking of you and you have this amazing, beautiful, magical strength about you and just bring that up – bring that up into your heart and give yourself a limited amount of time to dwell on the negative, then focus on the positive…”


I’ve been absolutely non-stop jumping from medical appointment to medical appointment over the past few months and have a few weeks more ahead. I’ve had discouraging news on the Endo-front. And a lot of dental issues, mystery butthole issues, I haven’t been sleeping well, and whacky hormones. I’ve been hit with a few financial whammies as well. I’m just exhausted. So if you’ve reached out or wondered where I’ve been, sorry…just haven’t been in a good place lately. I miss researching and blogging, though.

But Lora’s message is well-received.

I’ve listed out the craziness of my medical appointments for 2021. No wonder I’ve been exhausted and feeling overwhelmed and overall-sad…this too shall pass and everything will be okay:

  • January 5, 2021: hemorrhoid band ligation
  • January 26, 2021: Covid-19 Rapid test result
  • January 27, 2021: standard results Covid testing
  • February 1, 2021: dental cleaning
  • February 2, 2021: 1-month hemorrhoid follow-up
  • February 9, 2021: 3-month Endo post-op follow-up
  • February 17, 2021: cavity filling & dental implant work
  • March 1, 2021: suture removal re: implant post
  • March 9, 2021: 1st Covid-19 vaccination shot
  • March 16, 2021: consult for throbbing root canal tooth
  • March 31, 2021: scan of root canal tooth
  • April 5, 2021: 2nd Covid-19 vaccination shot
  • April 12, 2021: root canal tooth extraction
  • April 14, 2021: consult with PCP to discuss anal leakage and possible hemorrhoids
  • April 27, 2021: recurrent hemorrhoid consultation with colo-rectal surgeon
  • May 3, 2021: dental cleaning
  • May 11, 2021: hemorrhoid banding ligation and external hemorrhoidal anal skin tags cut off
  • May 18, 2021: annual exam and pap smear
  • May 24, 2021: consultation with GI regarding anal leakage
  • June 1, 2021: mammogram
  • June 2, 2021: annual bloodwork
  • June 3, 2021: pelvic ultrasound
  • June 7, 2021: cavity filling and dental impression for upper & lower implants
  • June 8, 2021: follow-up re pelvic ultrasound
  • June 8, 2021: hemorrhoid band ligation
  • June 9, 2021: telemedicine visit to discuss bloodwork results with PCP
  • June 10, 2021: eye exam
  • June 21, 2021: picked up new glasses
  • June 22, 2021: consult with dentist regarding newly-chipped crown


  • June 30, 2021: chipped crown #13 removal
  • July 2, 2021: follow-up bloodwork
  • July 6, 2021: hemorrhoid band ligation follow-up
  • July 7, 2021: dental implants (upper#14 and lower#30) delivery & fitting
  • July 9, 2021: telemedicine follow-up with PCP re bloodwork
  • August 4, 2021: dental cleaning
  • September 21, 2021: 3-month follow-up with eye doctor
  • December 9, 2021: pelvic ultrasound re Endometriosis
  • December 14, 2021, pelvic ultrasound follow-up

Whatever you are enduring, too, shall pass and we will pull through this together.

Much love. Lisa

PS – I don’t know why, but the image above just spoke to me. I love it. ❤

Feel Good Fridays!

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Whew. I’ve had a late start to my day! How was your week?

I just want to take a moment to remind you that it’s okay to set aside time for yourself, to just relax, breathe, recover, and rest. Put on an eyemask and headphones, block everything out, and breathe. Maybe even take a nap.

We are oh so important to others in our lives, but also very important to ourselves.

So find some time to honor your body, relax, and recoup.

Have a beautiful week!

Much love, Lisa.

Feel Good Fridays

young woman in wheelchair wearing a superhero mask, a cape, and boxing gloves. Badass.
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It’s Friday! The last one in March. I swear, where does time time go?

Today’s inspirational quote is actually a poem, Dare to Be, by Steve Maraboli.

“When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.

When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.

When there is injustice, dare to be the first to condemn it.

When something seems difficult, dare to do it anyway.

When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back.

When there seems to be no hope, dare to find some.

When you’re feeling tired, dare to keep going.

When times are tough, dare to be tougher.

When love hurts you, dare to love again.

When someone is hurting, dare to help them heal.

When another is lost, dare to help them find the way.

When a friend falls, dare to be the first to extend a hand.

When you cross paths with another, dare to make them smile.

When you feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too.

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you’ve done your best.

Dare to be the best you can –

At all times, Dare to be!”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Each one of these statements made my heart smile, so I wanted to share them with you.

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