Just Checking IN

Please, let me know: how are you doing?

How was your morning? Your week? Your month?

What’s the thing that’s got you through this week?

One thought on “Just Checking IN

  1. Have you ever sat and pondered how many times a single moment has changed your life forever. There are good changes that you cherish forever. Then there’s the moments that your world stops spinning and your heart shatters into a thousand tiny fragments. It’s those moments that define you, the real you, the vulnerable you, that you hide from the world. The memories that make you fight back tears and causes stomach bile to come rushing up your throat, the memories that just a thought sends you spiraling into the deep dark abyss of despair and you find your chest caving in from the weight of it. Those are the ones that change you forever. Those are the moments that carve the Grand Canyon through your body. Those moments put the deepest scars, that nobody can see. Those moments determine the rest of your life. They change how you see life, how you view people, how you react to everything all the way down to your core. Those moments make you a warrior. They are your battle to win. So wear your scars and smile, not because you have had moments like these, but because you have survived them. Let me hear your battle cry!


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