2017 Best Endometriosis Blog Award!

Badge that reads "healthline best blogs endometriosis 2017"

Oh man! Here we go again!

Healthline surprised me with naming Bloomin’ Uterus one of 2017’s Best Endometriosis Blogs!  AUGH!  I’m so excited, and honored, and proud, and grateful, and overwhelmed!

Side-by-side with the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s blog, Dr. Seckin’s blog, Endometriosis Australia’s blog, Endometriosis.org, and so many other bloggers that I admire and respect!  It’s a huge honor for us all.  And I hope that each of these blogs will help point others in the right direction for their treatment (whatever their course may be), finding answers, and bonding with other EndoWarriors.  We are a great community.

I know not everyone likes or agrees with everything I write.  And that’s okay.  We are each allowed to form our own opinions, ideas, thoughts, and paths.  But I hope that I am at least able to encourage thoughts, conversations, and support.

To scope out the other winners, please check out Heathline’s list!

Much love to you.


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