Feel Good Fridays

Prescription bottle with instructions

Well, I’m back.

As expected, the ultrasound was normal.  My doc thinks my body is a little intense this week because last month I had 2 full periods within 2 weeks of each other…and I’m now 2 days late for my August period. So, my body may just be intense and whonky…and she’s hoping it will recede once I start my period.  Here’s for hoping.

So painful ultrasound is over.  I talked about how the Tylenol 3 with Codeine only lasted a few hours yesterday…and she wrote me a prescription for Tramadol, which I’ve never tried before.  So I’ve just popped half a pill.

She offered to write me a note to stay home from work today due to my pain, and the unknown effects of the new painkiller. But I called my HR and explained…and am now at home.

I picked up a Fleet enema (everyone’s favorite) on my way home since I haven’t been pooping much this week thanks to the Naproxen Sodium, T3, and Zofran.  Leaving out the gruesome details, the enema did its job.

So, before I curl up into a ball on the couch, I wanted to leave you with a quote from today’s visit. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but it hit home and made the long drive home easier:

“Be grateful for the small things…” Dr. Killen

And I am. I’m grateful my doctors office was able to get me in this morning. I’m grateful she listened to my concerns. Grateful she didn’t accuse me of being a drug seeker. Grateful for my understanding employer. Grateful the change machine gave me an extra dollar coin (from my birth year) when i paid for parking. Grateful there wasn’t thick traffic on my drive home. Grateful for my disgusting Fleet enema. Grateful for my cat, who may (or may not) snuggle with me shortly. And I’m grateful for an awesome support network of friends, family, and endosisters.

What are you grateful for?

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays

  1. I hope you get back to a bearable level soon! I am grateful that my laparatomy to remove the worst of my disease, put my ovary back where it should be (instead of pressing on my bladder leaving me in the loo every five minutes!), removing my endo riddled appendix and removing a blockage in my bowel is just two weeks away! Although I’m afraid of the actual surgery I’m looking forward to returning to some semblance of normal bathroom habits and hopefully having a major reduction in pain before I end up with a humped back from bending to clutch my pain! I am grateful too that I found this blog and know now that I’m not the only one! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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  2. Overjoyed that your u/s didn’t show anything scary. Not so overjoyed about all your pain though. I’m right there with you on that, having to take the mega stuff and worried the doc thinks I’m some druggie. If things don’t get back to normal soon with your cycle, what about a round of Provera to set it straight?

    As for grateful… I’m grateful to God for so, so many things. And I’m grateful for your blog (and our stalkerish long distance friendship hehe). Get well soon xoxox

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