Cataract Surgery has been Scheduled!

woman with dilated pupils
Gigantic dilated eyes are the window to the soul?

Okay! Here we go!

Today I met with my ophthalmologist and we talked about my eyeballs.  I learned quite a few things today.

He confirmed that I do have two cataracts in my left eye.  The first is a benign congenital cataract. One that I was born with.  He cannot say if it has or hasn’t grown over my 38 years ’cause he didn’t know me when I was born, but it’s small and out of the way 😉  He did confirm it’s there and it’s sounds to be in the same spot it was when I learned about it 15 years ago.

The second cataract is the booger that’s been causing my vision to blur and see double.  And continue to worsen and grow.  My right eye is 20/20 and my left eye is 20/50…So my choices are: leave it alone and let it worsen and eventually have it surgically removed at some point…or don’t wait and have it surgically removed now.

I’m a gal of action, so … surgery has been scheduled! October 2!

I ALSO learned that my left eye is slightly lazy.  Whua? He thinks that likely my left eye may have developed differently than my right eye because of my premature birth.  I’m 38 years old. You think eye exams every two years of my adult life (and however many I had as a child) – someone would have said something at some point?  Nah.  Ha!

What does the lazy eye mean? Not much. My left eye is slightly off center; I may have some trouble with my left and right eye focusing together, my left eye may have to work a bit harder, etc.  But it doesn’t mean much.  It’s only a little lazy. 😉  When you Google it, it’s something something something brain gave more focus power to the good eye blah blah blah.

Anyway, I’m uber excited about  my upcoming cataract surgery.  I’m not expecting miracles, but I am expecting to be able to see slightly better than I can now.  And that’s exciting.

My doctor/surgeon is an incredible man who explains things in awesome layman terms, has a great sense of humor, and I immediately trusted him.  We discussed options regarding surgical techniques and lense replacements and I feel we chose the best option for my eyeball, my age, and my budget.

I’m going with the standard surgery and a standard monofocal lens (aka; what the insurance covers!).  My understanding from the consult: using a blade, my surgeon will slit open my eyeball, peel open the “envelope” (as he put it), and break my cataract into pieces using an ultrasound thingymobopper, then they suck out the broken bits.  Then they’ll pop in a lens and *presto* – done.  His hopes are that my vision will be restored to what it was when I was a 10-year-old kiddo.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I’d be happy if it were just restored to what it was before 2015. Ha!  Other options were a laser-assisted surgery (instead of a blade) and fancy replacement lenses that do a lot of things my eyeballs won’t need.

I’ve no real fears for October.  In, out, and back to work the next day.  So, I’ve called my insurance and *hopefully* figured out all of the co-pays…this will hopefully cost me no more than $700 out of pocket (funny; making it more expensive than my last excision surgery…)!

The bonus?  My Mum may be able to come out and be with me for my surgery! ❤

BUT…what does this have to do with Endometriosis? Why am I sharing my non-Endo related news on my blog?  First off, ’cause I can. Haha.  And it’s an important piece of my life and I wanted to share it with you.  Secondly, IT *is* Endo related:

  1.  While the assistant was taking down all of my pertinent info and health history, we talked about Endometriosis.  She has a few friends who have the disease, so I gave her my little Bloomin’ Uterus cards and invited her friends to join us for our support group meetings or just to reach out and talk.  Every chance you get, talk about the illness – you NEVER know whose life you’re affecting.
  2. My doctor today mentioned that because I was born premature with a congenital cataract, it was very likely that my susceptibility to developing cataracts was higher than the Average Person.  Combine that with six months of Lupron Depot (which some studies have shown may cause cataracts) and *poof* I believe I have my cause.  Although there’s no way to truly ever know.

I hope that you’re all doing well.  If you’ve followed my blog since last week and my incredibly painful days, please know that I am doing well once more.  The pain has ceased (well, the backaches are still there, but meh…they’re not too bad). I’m still bleeding (yay period), but the pain is gone.  And that’s a good thing.

I have a consultation with my gyno/surgeon in late September to discuss “options.”  Brace yourself.

I hope your’e doing well!!  Much love to you.

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