Submission: Courtney (words from a mother)

Courtney, a mother of a 15-year-old daughter who suffers from Endometriosis, shares with the world what she would tell Endo if it were a living, breathing person.  If you can’t read the font in the image, please scroll down…I’ve pasted it below, too.  Endo Awareness Month giveaway: If you’d like to voice what you’d tell Endo if you had the chance, click on the link and let us know!

Courtney copy


“I would say you have robbed my 15-year-old daughter of her childhood she has struggled now of her weight she has went from a active sport playing child to this young lady that all she does is cry and wants to no question her witty of her being on earth. She wonders if she will ever be a mother, I do as well I cry in the shower because what you have done to her. I see her go through surgery after surgery because of you now we are going to another state to go see a peds pain special doc. I don’t get how you can hurt so many people. I always have had her back even at the age of 10 and she was telling all the doctors something was wrong then at 13 her appendix burst and they found you and how could her and I be so happy that they found you but we were. We were happy that all those daughter that keep saying she just need to learn to deal with the period pain and grow up were WRONG. I had never heard of your name until that night and I Googled you for the first time I misspelled it so many times and now I can type it with out looking at the keyboard. I wish I could erase you from this earth. You have robbed her from her school days she has went from having 20 friends to only having just me and it breaks my heart. I think we cry more then we laugh anymore and that make me even sadder. She is getting her driver permit and this is suposed to be a happy time and she doesn’t even wanna get it I am making her just so she is doing something. She doesnt ever even wanna leave the house and it’s all your fault how could you do this to my baby. You have effected my whole family you have taken time away from my other 2 children you have made me miss sports games and had my kids see my daughter in pain to where my 6 year old asked if her sister with endo had cancer and was dying how could you do that to someone and to my family. You have made me go from being a stay at home mom to working full time to pay for my daughter’s healthcare and working nights so I can take her to appts weekly and stay up with her during the week to where I get maybe 8 hr a a week of sleep I could just punch you in the fucking face for that and I don’t cuss. So I run on no sleep and I am tired I am wore out and my daughter hurts all the time because of you. I would ask you kindly to please stay away from my daughter to stop growing so fast. To say we have had enough of you.” ~ Courtney Kourim


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