Tips for Surgery Day & Recovery

Teddy bear wearing bandages

Have an Endometriosis surgery scheduled?  Here’s a list of things a few of my EndoSisters and I recommend having handy!!  If you’d like to add something, please leave a comment below. 🙂

In Your Purse:


Lozenges (to soothe that post-surgery throat)

Snacks for afterward, especially if you have any food allergies or intolerances.

Have ready in the car for that drive home:


Bottle of water

Chewing gum (it has helped some gals with nausea on the drive home)

Ice packs

Overnight bag with clothes, toiletries, etc (just in case you have to stay in the hospital overnight)


Sleep Mask (one of those eye covers; you may get ill with all of the movement of passing cars and landscape)

Travel pillow (for stuffing between your stomach and your seatbelt!)

Vomit bag

For Home:

A friend or family member (seriously for like the first 3 days…don’t be alone. You don’t know what your body can and can’t do…and you should be resting)

Comfy clothes. Nothing that binds. Think giant t-shirt, moomoo, or even naked!

Fiber!! (oh man…you need to keep poopin’)

Footstool (to help get in and out of bed)

Gas-X (helps break up the surgery gas that’s floating around inside your body still)

Grabby-stick-thingy (you know, that old people use to get stuff off of the top shelf)

Heating Pad

Ice Packs

Pads (yep…you may be bleeding afterward

Pillow with armrests (keeps you propped up, while lounging, and keeps pressure off your abs.)

Pre-made, easy meals (soups, crackers, etc.)

Prescriptions (painkillers AND anti-nausea medication)

Stool softener!!!!!

Squatty-Potty or something similar

Tape your cell phone charger to your headboard (you don’t want to bend down to get it!)

Walker (yeah, with tennis balls and everything – seriously helps you get around…not to mention sit/stand)

14 thoughts on “Tips for Surgery Day & Recovery

  1. Fantastic list! I’d add “a person”, because everyone needs a little pampering and someone to flag them when they try to do too much 😄


  2. I love this list! Very comprehensive!

    May I suggest adding to your list: one of those giant pillows that have armrests? I’ve no idea what they’re called, but basically you sit upright propped against it and it also has mini arm rests in addition to back support. I used oneof these during my last endo surgery and it was one of the THE MOST helpful things I did for spending days recovering in bed. Keeps pressure off your abs, making catnapping a breeze, and also makes getting out of bed less painful. 🙂

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  3. This is wonderful. So comprehensive! I am in for my next surgery in July and after going through it all before I will definitely be bringing lozenges for that post-surgery throat. Also, chewing gum can be amazing if you get nauseous after the anaesthetic, but no hospital will sell it so good to have in the bag with you.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Super helpful.

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  4. Thanks. Our 15-yr old grand daughter is having endo surgery in two days. This list is very handy.


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