April 2019 Pain Journal

April 2019 pain summary

April is over with! Which means, time to share my pain & poop journals! (Is it weird that this is now one of my favorite blogging days?)

But first: the synopsis: I skipped another period. I mean, really, who wants a cycle in April? I only had a few days where I’d literally have like one tiny clot or one instance of a bit of brown goo when I wiped after I peed; I couldn’t consider that a period. I discussed my skipped February and April periods with my gyno; we’re gonna monitor it and see if it continues to happen.

Most of April was pain-free, and the pain or discomfort I felt was due to eating too much or not pooping for a day. Hubby and I had one instance of painful sex, and that was with deep penetration hitting the cervix. And one day I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower left abs that wasn’t like my usual “I ate too much” poo-discomfort. I wasn’t able to identify the trigger, but it luckily didn’t last long. And I didn’t have one single painful bowel movement. I love the new Endo-free guts! Zero need for over-the-counter pain medications or prescription pain medications this month!

And here we go! If you’d like to review the day-by-day pain and food journal, here it is.

And for your viewing pleasure, my poop journal! I’m learning the new pattern: if I haven’t pooped in a day, I’m bound to have diarrhea the next day. Sometimes lots of it…

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