An Update on my Cysts

Ovary plushy from I Heart Guts
Ovary plushy from I Heart Guts!

So last Thursday I had another pelvic ultrasound (both transvaginal and the traditional techniques).

The ultrasound tech noted that the cyst on my right ovary appeared to have ruptured and there was evidence of fluid around the ovary. There were also a series of very tiny cysts on the right ovary, which she commented was normal.

The left ovary still had a cyst on it, and it had nearly doubled in size since July. It’s now 2.3 cm (a little under 1-inch). What appeared previously to be an endometrioma now appeared to be a simple, non-complex cyst.

So, I stowed that information away for a few days until I met with my gynecologist/surgeon yesterday. And it was a good meeting.

He agreed with the ultrasound tech:

  1. The cyst on the right ovary appeared to have ruptured. If it was an endometrioma, there’s the possibility that it’s spread endo-goo around my pelvic cavity. If it was a simple or hemorrhagic cyst, the fluid around my ovary is just normal goo.
  2. The cyst on the left ovary does, in fact, appear to be a simple cyst. NOT an endometrioma as previously suspected!
  3. The ongoing suspicion of Adenomyosis remains.
  4. There’s no way of knowing if Endometriosis is back, or if the cyst that ruptured was an endometrioma, or the cyst that remains is an endometrioma or a simple cyst. The only way to know for sure is to operate. And neither my surgeon nor I feel it’s necessary at this time. So, his advice?

Simply wait. Don’t dwell on the fact that it may or may not be. Thinking about it won’t solve anything. Hold onto the hope that they were both simple cysts. And continue to monitor any symptoms.

I also took some time to talk about my uber-painful period day in late August. He’s not opposed to filling a painkiller prescription for me (yay!), but I’ve asked that we wait to see what happens with my next period.

We’re both in good spirits over the news. And I go back in two months for another pelvic ultrasound to see what my ovaries are up to.

4 thoughts on “An Update on my Cysts

  1. Glad for good(ish) news! Did your doc say whether ‘goo’ is the scientific term (I think it is). Also huzzah on the meds—lots of us need them so I’m glad you’ll have relief available if you need it.

    Also, the plush is adorable!

    Also, you look great today…. 👀👀😉

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