The good news, the not-so-good news, and the plan!

A sheet of paper with the word PLAN written on top

Yesterday was horrendous to get through. My pain was almost always an 8 to 9 out of 10. It was SO bad I reminded me of my periods during my 20s. HORRENDOUS. In a ball, crying, and couldn’t find any relief in any position. I barely got five hours of sleep last night, but I’m at work today with my pain down in the 4-level. I can do this.

I met with my gyno/surgeon yesterday to discuss my recent ultrasound: my left cyst is shrinking! It’s down from a 2.3cm to a 1.2cm. Both he and the radiologist feel it’s a simple cyst that is resolving itself. No more need for another ultrasound in two months! YAY!

My explosive pain on Day One of my period yesterday was met with options. He cannot prescribe Tramadol (which is the only thing that works for me when Naproxen doesn’t) because it’s an opioid. So, back to those options:

  • Lupron Depot: no
  • Orilissa: no
  • Birth control pills: no
  • IUD: no
  • Depo Provera: no
  • Surgery: maybe
  • Acupuncture: I can’t afford it
  • Pelvic floor therapy: I can’t afford it
  • Pain Management doctor: yes

So, the plan: Get the referral to a pain management doctor (he recommended one and I already emailed my PCP for the referral) and see how that goes. Head on back to Dr. Kurtulus in February to discuss how things are going.

If still desired at that time, discuss another excision surgery and a hysterectomy to remove at least the cervix and uterus (they still suspect I have Adenomyosis), leave both ovaries if both can remain; remove one if one appears it needs to be removed. And excise any Endometriosis he may find, as well as adhesions an restore anatomy to its rightful place.

I was in so much pain in the appointment that I just cried. I felt like such a boob.

Today’s pain levels are much more manageable. And I just received word that this Friday’s colonoscopy is approved by my insurance, so I’m glad I didn’t take any NSAIDs yesterday.

Having a plan, even one that is so far in advance, helps with the mental aspects of coping. And I’m grateful for even that much. And thank you to everyone for your support yesterday!

PS – I love my doctor and his staff. Even though I wasn’t in my best mood and form, they were all so super supportive and positive and loving.

7 thoughts on “The good news, the not-so-good news, and the plan!

  1. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. Glad to hear that your appointment went well and that you have a plan and some options. Great doctors make all the difference with endo! I’m happy you have a good one on your side.

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  2. It really does make all the difference when you have a supportive GP! Having some idea of where things are going is a refreshing change from the way most other GPs & GYNs handle Endometriosis. Cheers to forward thinking drs! 🍻🎉🎊😂

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  3. I just met with my doctor last week as well. I had my hysterectomy in 2015 and my ablation/excision about a month ago. The hysterectomy was a life saver! I had almost 4 years of NO PAIN. After this last diagnostic lap, the pain came back 2 weeks later. I am so frustrated. My doctor said that Lupron is an option. I say, hell no! He gave me 5 days worth of Toradol to try and “calm the inflammation down.” Lol. Feeling so helpless. One small outlet I have is my blog. Other than that, it’s just me against the world. 😦


  4. Oh, I meant to ask you….you keep mentioning that you can’t have Tramadol because it is an opioid. Can you not have it because you have a reaction to it or because your doctor won’t prescribe opioids?


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