Feel Good Fridays

Braided river delta with red & green lora at low tide Lower Cook Inlet Kachemak Bay Alaska
Braided river delta with red & green lora at low tide Lower Cook Inlet Kachemak Bay Alaska; NOAA

MARCH! Endometriosis Awareness Month! My Facebook newsfeed has exploded with EndoWarriors posting amazing things every day and I love it!

So, today’s quote IS US!

“Drop upon drop collected will make a river. Rivers upon rivers collected will make a sea.” ~Sa’di (1213-1292)

We are numerous. A mighty force. We stand together. WE FIGHT TOGETHER!

May you have a wonderful weekend! And if you need me, I’m here.

Blogs I updated this week:

Bladder & Endometriosis: Added a January 2020 study from ACTA Scientific Womens Health about a a 46-year-old woman who had complaints of painful, long, and heavy periods. She also had difficulty urinating, peed frequently, felt pain when she peed, and sometimes had blood in her urine. Turns out she had Endometriosis inside her bladder.

C-Sections & Endometriosis: Added an August 2019 study from MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports of a 28-year-old woman who had painful swelling beneath her c-section scar. I’ll give you one guess what it ended up being…

Endometriosis & the Bowel: Added a January 2019 study from Paripex of a woman who had a mass of Endometriosis inside of her sigmoid colon…that actually prevented a full colonoscopy from being performed.

Endometriosis & the Lungs: Added a January 2020 study from the Thai Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of a 49-year-old woman with a history of spontaneous pneumothorax. Surgery finally confirmed the presence of Endo lesions in her right lung and her diaphragm, but she had no other evidence of pelvic Endo, nor other symptoms of Endometriosis. Five years after her surgeries, she was still symptom-free.

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