Feel Good Fridays

Happy Friday! I hope you’re doing well. Physically and mentally.

Today’s quote is about knowing your own body, your limits, your aches and pains, your abilities and disabilities. And honoring all of it.

Don’t do more than you’re capable. Take as many breaks as you need. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to say “no” to an invitation or task if it’s too much.

“Those who connect more frequently with their needs and are in constant conversation with their own beings, they can establish a parameter of what kind of workout and effort must be applied, of what amount of energy disposed and to be utilized, it will serve many times as a thermometer for those who listen to their bodies needs and feel what the internal thermostat is saying.” ~Ana Claudia Antunes

Always know and honor your body, inside and out.

And be well. Much love to you.

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