Feel Good Fridays

hot air balloon
Photo by Dom Gould on Pexels.com

It’s Friday! Already? Where is 2021 going?

Today’s quote is for all of those who are feeling stir-crazy in their homes or feeling down due a massive change in life over the last 365 days.

“Life is just a lot of everyday adventures.”

― Carol Ryrie Brink, Caddie Woodlawn

Find something, anything, no matter how small it may seem…and turn it into an ADVENTURE!

Do the dishes! Pull weeds. Read a book. Take a nap! It’s glorious that you even get to do those things today. And if you cannot do THOSE things for whatever reason, find something you can do: Sit. Breathe. Sleep. Rest. Cry. Laugh. Connect.

Each one, it’s own grateful moment. It’s own tiny adventure.

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