Feel Good Fridays

hot air balloon
Photo by Dom Gould on Pexels.com

It’s Friday! Already? Where is 2021 going?

Today’s quote is for all of those who are feeling stir-crazy in their homes or feeling down due a massive change in life over the last 365 days.

“Life is just a lot of everyday adventures.”

― Carol Ryrie Brink, Caddie Woodlawn

Find something, anything, no matter how small it may seem…and turn it into an ADVENTURE!

Do the dishes! Pull weeds. Read a book. Take a nap! It’s glorious that you even get to do those things today. And if you cannot do THOSE things for whatever reason, find something you can do: Sit. Breathe. Sleep. Rest. Cry. Laugh. Connect.

Each one, it’s own grateful moment. It’s own tiny adventure.

Feel Good Fridays

an analog compass

We made it to FRIDAY! Already? Where’d the week go?

Today’s quote is by Carol Ryrie Brink, who once wrote:

“Life is just a lot of everyday adventures.”

And it is!  Boring adventures, fun adventures, adventurous adventures! But adventures, nonetheless!  If you can’t squeeze a wondrous new adventure in every day – try to at least once a week….or once a month.  Have fun! Learn new things.  Go exploring!  Help a friend.  Read a book.  Step outside your comfort zone…ADVENTURE!!!!

Have a glorious weekend – and may it be filled with some sort of wonder.

❤ Lisa

Blogs I’ve updated this week:

C-Sections & Endometriosis – added a case study of a 37-year-old woman who developed a painful, leaking lump in her cesarean scar, published in the Feb. 2017 edition of Case Reports in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Endometriosis & The Lungs – added a case study of a 20-year-old who woman continued to cough up blood every month when she wasn’t on birth control pills, published in 2017 by The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.

Endometriosis On Your Skin – added a case study of a 30-year-old woman who developed painful, bleeding bumps in her belly button after stopping Depo Provera, published in the May 2017 edition of Journal of Rare Disorders: Diagnosis & Therapy.

Support Group – updated to reflect our June 22, 2017 support group meeting

Feel Good Fridays!

Bullwhip and Indian Jones hat

Today’s quote is inspired by an old man I saw crossing the street, wearing his best Indiana Jones Adventure outfit…at 7:30 in this morning, on his way into a Starbucks:

Life is just a lot of everyday adventures.  ~Carol Ryrie Brink

Although the strangely-dressed tiny old man man me laugh, it reminded me that, yes, every day should be a small adventure!  Hell, everything should be!

So don your hat and jacket and head out for something exciting! If not today, tomorrow. Or the next day.  Or the next.

Tackle that laundry like it’s Mount Kilimanjaro!  Wrangle up your cat like the wild beasty that he is.  Drive with the windows down and let the wind rat up your hair.  Or snuggle your hot water bottle as if your life depended on it.

Find an adventure. Somewhere.