Pain Journal: December 2020

Pain chart summary for December 2020, including text and a body diagram with red squares on it for pain locations

I know I’m a bit late in publishing my December pain journal, but here it is. And I’m SO excited about it!

There’s not much to tell! YAY!

For those of you who may not want to read, here’s a Youtube video!

Chart of different types of pain during December. All are zero except for uterine pain 3% and incision pain 54% of December

And 54% of the days in December I had some type of incision pain, but it was mostly in the 1-4 out of 10 range. That’s nearly a 30% drop since November! And most instances only lasted a few seconds.

My period caught me by surprise since I had skipped November and didn’t know when I was going to start in December. AND…I didn’t have ANY cramping. What? NONE. No lower back pain. WHAT?!? AND no bowel movement pain.

What. The. Heck?


December did bring one instance of lower abdominal cramping, at about a 1 out of 10, and it was only after a heavy abdominal workout. It was definitely too soon to be doing that! And I did take two Tylenol in December…but it was just for a headache! What an incredible difference.

And how was my poopchute performin’ in December?

In December, I poo’d a whopping 60 times. Sixty! And do you know how many of those were painful?


And the majority of my bowel movements were solid poos instead of squishy, nasty diarrhea! Those are stats I hadn’t seen the majority of 2020!

Every day I’m flabbergasted at the huge difference in my quality of life of before versus after October surgery. And I am so grateful to Drs. Mel Kurtulus and Matthew Schultzel for cutting out my Endo and removing my diseased guts.

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