Ovira: A device for menstrual pain

Ovira device in the box

As you know, from time to time we get offers to review products that manufacturers may feel are useful to our readers. I like to extend those review opportunities from time to time to other Warriors in my local support group. So, today, we’re publishing another review by Nicole. And the one condition I make when accepting a product is our reviews will be unbiased and 100% honest; no sugar-coating anything.

Ovira reached out to use with their new product, a discreet device that may help with menstrual cramps. But without further adieu, I’ll let Nicole take it away:

Nicole Tamillo here again! This time, I am guest blogging a review for Ovira

Ovira is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device. Also known as a TENS device. The TENS unit sends electrical pulses through the skin to start your body’s own pain killers. The electrical pulses can release endorphins and other substances to stop pain signals in the brain. But the special thing about Ovira, is that it is designed for people who experience pain because of their reproductive system! As a 28-year-old female with Endometriosis and intense abdominal pain, I have tried everything on the market to soothe my angry uterus. I couldn’t love Ovira more! It is not a pill, it is all natural and it is FDA approved. A product made by people with periods, for people with periods. What is not to love?!

And the best thing, it couldn’t be simpler to use! Once all the chords are connected, simply stick the “love handle” pads on your tummy or low back, power her up and control the strength of the electrical pulses with the up and down arrows, and that is it! Sit back and relax or clip the discreet device to your pants and continue being a strong independent woman!

female torso wearing the Ovira device

I have found that Ovira has helped me tremendously during my high pain days! I always have it with me when the pain comes out of left field. That being said, one negative thing I have found is that it does not hold a charge if you go a period of time without using it. You will have to charge it before use. On the positive, I do like that it is rechargeable versus needing batteries. One other small issue that I have is that the cable that connects to the Ovira device isn’t very tight, which means that there is a chance the device might become loose if you are moving around too much. But other than those minor issues, the device is truly a game charger for period cramps! If you suffer from uncomfortable cramps give Ovira a try! And know that if it does not work for you they have a 100% money back guarantee with free no-hassle returns. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

A huge thank you to Nicole for taking the time to track your Ovira use and writing this review! And thanks to Ovira for supplying a device! I’m so glad it’s made a difference with Nicole’s symptoms…and hope her feedback can help your company further improve any future devices.

As of the posting of this blog entry (January 28, 2021), the Ovira device is $139 (you can make 4 smaller payments of $35). The sticky pads are $35 for a set of three (supposedly will last you about 3 months). The company is based out of Australia, but is currently offering free shipping to the United States.

You may recall I’ve personally reviewed (and loved) the Livia device, which sounds similar. My battery died after about two years of use…and cannot be replaced. So I’d have to purchase an entire new unit, or be a member of their monthly subscription service (neither of which I can afford). I wrote Ovira asking about their expected battery life and received this answer, “Ovira is equipped with a 3.7v polymer battery which should last you a good couple of years. Also, Ovira has a 2 year warranty and if your device happens to malfunction or break, all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll be able to troubleshoot and send out a replacement ASAP.”

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