Feel Good Fridays

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Good morning. Another week has fled by.

I’ve had one hellava week. On Tuesday I had two external hemorrhoids cut off and one internal hemorrhoid banded. So, sitting, walking, moving, ANYTHING-ing has been very painful. I’ve had to go to work every day since we’re short-staffed, and I’ve done a lot of standing at my desk. Ha.

But today…today I can actually sit without dying. I’m still in discomfort, but the bulk of the pain is gone. Which is beautiful.

And … bodily functions? Oh god, let’s not even talk about that. I’ll leave it at: OUCH.

But, today is just another day. And it will be over quickly, like they all seem to be. And we will never be able to get today back.

So, make the most of your today. Whatever that means to you. In whatever capacity you can.

“Today will die tomorrow.”

― Algernon Charles Swinburne

May you have a beautiful weekend. Inside and out.

Love, Lisa.

Blogs I updated this week:

A salve for my other Unmentionables!: Added a quick update since my 5/11/21 hemorrhoidal procedure.

The Band Ligation Procedure: Added a quick update since my 5/11/21 hemorrhoidal procedure.

What Does Endometriosis Pain Feel Like: Added Leila from South Africa and Tonya from the United States.

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